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"Cultivating Potential, Transforming Lives, Unleashing Destinies"

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Every phase of your life is worth living, DON'T QUIT!!
Favour Ikome, President & Founder

In every way possible, you can join us today and improve these women's tomorrow. All your efforts go a long way to demonstrate your ability to change the world. We continue to appreciate your prayer, time, gifting and financial support. If they can dream it, they can do it. Help them become the reality of their dreams.


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Our scholarship program is designed to give students an opportunity to attend secondary, high school, and university campuses, who otherwise could not afford education.


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Our mentorship program connects our students with high capacity leaders who can help guide them through their schooling and into fulfilling their life-purpose.

Leadership Development

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By investing in students through conferences, seminars, talks, and streaming events, we can create a culture that begins to nurture a student’s leadership abilities and empowers them.

How Can I get Involved?

Our team would like to have you get involved with R.G.E. Foundation. We definitely cannot make this a reality without you. So many of our young women need our help to build the platform that delivers them from the prison of hopelessness and misery. Your contribution will provide a foundation of consistency for development, transformation and restoration of broken lives to a place of wholeness.

We are a 501c(3) organization. All charitable contributions are tax deductible.

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

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