My name is Anyanga vera bih, I graduated  with a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration from the University of Buea. I heard about RGE Foundation Scholarship Program from a lady in my neighborhood who stopped me one morning on my way to school and shared information about the scholarship for young girls like me. It was like an unexpected miracle because when I said hello to her that morning, I didn’t know it would lead to something life changing.

Becoming an RGE Foundation Scholar afforded me the opportunity to pursue my undergraduate degree without being anxious about my financial situation. The scholarship award empowered me to focus on achieving my decree. I didn’t have to worry about tuition and other academic fees. This was a new normal I had not experienced before.

 Prior to being awarded the scholarship, I used to work extracurricularly to earn money to pay for my school needs. The mentoring program which complimented my scholarship award gave me access to resourceful mentors who taught me life lessons that were not covered my traditional academic classroom. I was exposed to an environment that allowed me to learn how to make use of my decree in the work force. It was through the professional development track of the mentorship program that I learned how to secure my first job, as we were taught how to prepare interviews and carry ourselves in a professional space.

 I aspire to work as an administrator in a government institution, a nonprofit organization or at a hospital. In addition to achieving career success, I see myself owning a thriving restaurant in the next five years.

My advice to current and future scholars of RGE Scholarship Program is to take the opportunity given to them seriously and use  the access to information from the mentoring program as it may not be available in other networks that they are a part. And finally, they should never miss an opportunity to express gratitude for the work being in their benefit by RGE team.