My name is Kate Evelyne Mbemoh, I am a 2021 graduate from the University of Buea with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. While in pursuit of  my degree, I was introduced to RGE Foundation by a good friend of mine in 2019. At the time I was facing financial challenges that interfered with my ability to solely focus on my academics. Previously, I had to stay home for a year after my high school graduation because my family could not afford the cost of university education. During that gap year, I did a number of menial jobs in order to raise some money for my college expenses. When I finally enrolled into the university, I barely had money for food because I spent most of what I had purchasing coursework materials and required textbooks. This resulted in health issues associated with starvation and that affected my academic performance. Given that I strive for excellence, I was disappointed each time my results only turned out to be average.

But all these changed when I was awarded the RGE Foundation scholarship in 2019. Going to school became stress free because major financial concerns were taken care of by the scholarship program. I finally was able to focus on my academics and greatly improved on my performance. This also helped me to grow spiritually as I was able to cultivate a relationship with God.

Being an RGE Scholar impacted my life through the relationships I developed with people who were willing to help me grow into the woman I am becoming. I have learned the importance of being disciplined, confident and prioritizing my time. In terms of preparing for my career, RGE mentoring program provided me with the opportunity to learn professionalism in the workplace and in my social interactions. Also, I grew in my ability to speak in front of people which is now playing a key role in my current job as a high school teacher.  

In the next five years, I hope to have finished my Master’s Degree abroad and embark on obtaining my PhD in Cyber Security.