I'm Vesuh Faith Fonyuy, a fourth year medical student expected to graduate in 2024. I chose to pursue a career in medicine out of my love for science and a desire to help save lives.

I have always had an admiration for medicine and a passion for research. My mother has been a great source of inspiration to me. As a nurse, I have watched how she takes great care of her patients. Everyone who knows my mother speaks very highly of her. With the challenges that come with raising my sister and I as a single mother, she has continued to maintain a quality work ethic. Although I had love for medicine, it was financially difficult making that dream a reality, until my sister told me about RGE Foundation.

RGE Foundation has provided my mother with the financial support we needed to afford my academic and career dream to become a medical doctor. Being able to pay for my medical school isn't the only opportunity this foundation has afforded me. The weekly mentoring sessions continue to create platforms for me to grow personally, professionally and as a leader in my community. I have gained a sense of confidence, self-discipline, and structure that sets me up for all round success. 

The impact RGE Foundation has had on my life inspired me to start a community development initiative, African Child Transformation (A.C.T). This is to improve the academic performances of children in orphanages by offering after school tutoring. Also inspired by the RGE mentorship program, I started a blog to help youths all around the world on moral issues.

RGE created a safe place for me to talk about my personal mistakes and learn from others without feeling condemned or shamed. I have learned about becoming financially self-sufficient through their personal financial lessons and entrepreneurship. My experience being a scholar has been life transforming.

I look forward to being the best version of myself that I can be; developing myself as a person, a doctor and a child of God. I want to be able to give back to others in my community and beyond, especially the youths, exactly what the RGE program gave me, Hope and Wisdom.