Ariane is graduating top of her class with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Becoming an RGE Foundation scholar was the first time Ariane was able to sit in a classroom without being kicked out of school for not paying her tuition fees. From primary all the way through high school, Ariane was used to being sent away from class because her family couldn’t afford to pay for her education. Being awarded a full-tuition university scholarship with housing was a different reality from what she's known most of her academic life. According to her, RGE’s mentoring program has been instrumental in helping her build her sense of confidence and self-discipline. Prior to becoming a scholar, she battled with negative thoughts about herself. She often found herself competing against others simply because she didn’t feel good enough for what she desired to accomplish.

Ariane has gained admission to pursue a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Buea. She hopes to graduate in two years and eventually enroll for a PhD program abroad. While pursuing her masters, she plans to volunteer with RGE as a peer mentor for incoming scholars.  Her dream is to one day create similar opportunities for orphans and serve impoverished communities in Cameroon. Also she aspires to develop her passion for music as a songwriter and singer.  In a conversation with Ariane, she states "I am able to practically implement all the lessons I learned during the mentoring sessions in every aspect of my life." 

While stories like Ariane's are typical, they motivate us to continue advocating for young women to be educated and empowered to fulfill their life's purpose.