They grew up seeing their father physically abuse their mother and neglecting them. After many years of domestic violence, abuse and maltreatment, their mother decided to leave the marriage and relocated from Bamenda (Northwest Region of Cameroon) to Buea (Southwest Region). This separation did not only cause a split between the parents but also between the children. While 5 of the siblings left with their mom, the two oldest stayed with their father. The siblings have not been together since then, because the oldest brother believes their mother should have stayed in the abusive marriage.

Given the standard of living in their community, these girls were at risk for sexual exploitation like some of their peers on the streets, seeking to raise money for school.  Prior to knowing about our scholarship program, the duo’s mother had discouraged them from pursuing higher education. As much as she wanted to see her children educated, she did not have the financial capacity to do so. Like other single mothers in their community, she’s invested in selling produce at markets in Buea to cover their living expenses. Being awarded RGE’s scholarship gave a beautiful twist to their story.

Both girls graduated high school in the top 5% of their 2019 graduating class. Vera is currently preparing to secure admissions at the University of Buea to pursue a Bachelor’s Degrees in Public Administration and Emelda is working toward studying Food Science at a government vocational institution.  RGE Foundation has not only given them the opportunity to obtain high school diplomas but provided them with tools and techniques to thrive in the next season of their lives. Like other RGE scholars, these sisters have learned the art of being purposeful with their time, being socially responsible individuals and the importance of giving back to their local community. According to the duo, RGE Foundation has been instrumental in shaping their future and restoring hope to their mother, this last three years.